A missing pet is an emergency and you to need to act quickly.  Time is of the essence.


(860) 404-0038

If Your Cat Goes Missing

Call Animal Control in all surrounding towns. your town and surrounding areas. Get their email addresses and email them your flyer or drop it off in person.

Contact local vet clinics and vet emergency clinics.

If your cat is microchipped, contact the company to report your cat as missing.

Contact Lost Pet Professionals a national organization that can provide you with invaluable help via their web site or on scene. http://www.k9pi.com .

Visit the Missing Pet Partnership (MPP) web site for excellent recovery tips and warnings about scams www.missingpetpartnership.org/recoverytips.php

Who to Contact

Take Immediate Action

Do not give up too soon.  D not assume your cat was taken by a predator.  Cats often hide in silence as a protective measure.  This is known as the “silence factor”.  Your cat may not come out or respond to you calling him or shaking a container of food.  

Search every possible place a cat could get into - in and under sheds, garages, and porches; in brush and log piles, in pools, drain pipes, cars, etc. Search your property and the houses and/or buildings in your neighborhood. Ask permission from neighbors for YOU to search their property.

For excellent tips, check out the link below to Cat Recovery Tips by Missing Pet Partnership.



Create 11 x 17 large posters and have laminated at Staples.   If you can’t do that, make 8 1/2 x 11 flyers to hang and to hand out.  Put the ones you are going to hang into plastic protectors with the open end on the bottom to keep rain out.  Staple the posters to poles.  Use Duct Tape to secure them to metal poles.  

Alert your neighbors. Put a poster on your front door and at the end of your driveway.

Post your flyer on your Facebook page and on Facebook groups that are set up for people to report missing and found pets. Ask people to share the flyer and post it on other pages.

Handout flyers in the area and give to businesses to post.