A missing pet is an emergency and you to need to act quickly.  Time is of the essence.


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If Your Dog Goes Missing

Call Animal Control in all surrounding towns. your town and surrounding areas. Get their email addresses and email them your flyer or drop it off in person.

If your dog is microchipped, contact the company to report your dog as missing.

Contact local vet clinics and vet emergency clinics.

See the resource page for more info about the resources below

Contact Granite State Dog Recovery (GSDR) www.granitestatedogrecovery.com or call (855) 639-5678 to create a free poster which they will share on their Facebook page where they have almost 100,000 members.

Contact Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery


for assistance in recovering your missing dog.

Contact Farmington Valley Lost Pet Recovery to have a poster created and for assistance in recovering your pet.  Fill out the Poster Request Form on this site to request a poster and/or assistance.

Contact Lost Pet Professionals

http://www.k9pi.com LPP is a national organization that can provide you with invaluable help via their web site or on scene.

Visit the Missing Pet Partnership (MPP) web site for excellent recovery tips and warnings about scams www.missingpetpartnership.org/recoverytips.php

Post your dog’s flyer on CT Lost and Found Animals Facebook page

Who to Contact

Take Immediate Action

Don’t wait for your dog to come home. Start the search process immediately. Take charge of the search. If your pet is missing, YOU are or should be the one in charge of the search, any Facebook page and/or decisions.

Ask people to help you implement the suggestions given in nationally recognized resources cited here. Groups from Facebook may approach you to offer help and/or tell you they will “handle” your search. Be careful - not all groups are equal or ethical.  People can be very helpful with putting up posters and getting the word out. Again - if you decide to create a Facebook page, take control of the Facebook page or ask a trusted friend to help you.

It is important to go directly to experts in the field who are cited on the right and for you to maintain control of your Facebook page if you decide to create one.  

Caution:  Facebook does have it’s negative side.  You may get unwanted communication, neagtive comments, false sightings, too many folklore tips about missing pet recovery and in general too much inof to sift through while you are trying to locate your pet.You must monitor the group constantly and be ready to remove information not wanted or sighting info you do not want public.


To purchase a PDF copy of the comprehensive booklet “Preventing Your Dog

from Becoming Lost.  What to do if your dog is missing.” , a 28-page booklet, please order on donation page.

Do NOT post location of any sightings on any public forum.  

The last thing your dog needs is a search party chasing after him.  Dogs go into survival mode when lost and if they feel or are chased, they will run.  Groups of people out searching are detrimental to your dog.