A missing pet is an emergency and you to need to act quickly.  Time is of the essence.


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Put the dog’s crate and/or bed, toys, clothes you have worn with your scent on them, food and water outside in your yard. If you have a covered porch, patio or a garage you can leave open, place the items there so it is sheltered.

Turn off your electric fence. If your dog left a yard with an electric fence, turn off the fence so the dog can come back into the yard.

Visit local dog pounds in person at least every other day. Don’t depend on them to call you because they may be very busy. Go there yourself and ask to see any dogs they may have.

Post your flyer on your personal Facebook page and on Facebook groups that are set up for people to report missing and found pets such as CT Lost and Found Animals and Granite State Dog Rexovery. Ask people to share the flyer and post it on other pages.

More Steps to Take

Create 11 x 17 large posters and have laminated at Staples.   If you can’t do that, make 8 1/2 x 11 flyers to hang and to hand out. Put the ones you are going to hang up into plastic protectors with the open end on the bottom to keep rain out.  Staple all 4 corners of the posters to poles.  Use Duct Tape to secure them to metal poles.  

Immediately hang the posters at least within a one mile radius of where your dog went missing. You can expand the area later.

Alert your neighbors that your dog went missing. Put a poster on your front door and at the end of your driveway.

Drop off flyers to local veterinarians, groomers, dog training centers, pet supply businesses, gas stations, restaurants, package stores and other locations where lots of people will see it.

Don’t give up too soon. Yes, the quicker you initiate steps to get the word out and start searching, the better. If your dog is not sighted within a couple days, expand your poster area. Get the word out that your dog is still out there.

Visibility is the key to finding your dog –

the more people who are aware of your missing dog, the better the chances that someone will call in a sighting or find your dog. Dogs have been located weeks and months after going missing and hundreds of miles from homePosters bring more dogs home than any other method.

Do NOT post location of any sightings on any public forum.  

The last thing your dog needs is a search party chasing after him.  Dogs go into survival mode when lost and if they feel or are chased, they will run.  Groups of people out searching are detrimental to your dog.