A missing pet is an emergency and you to need to act quickly.  Time is of the essence.


(860) 404-0038

Town where lost

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You will receive an email containing a color file similar to the one on the right for your pet.  

You can print the file as an 11 x 17 inch poster and/or print on letter sized paper for handouts.

Please be patient as we are volunteers.

Notice of Privacy

Note:  By posting to Farmington Valley Lost Pets Recovery Website or Facebook page and/or requesting that a message regarding your missing pet or one you have found be posted, you are giving your consent to make certain private information available for public viewing. Information would include name, phone number, picture(s), address and/or email address. Please be advised that Farmington Valley Lost Pets Recovery, a business, not Facebook, is requesting this information in order to help in the recovery of your missing pet by communicating your contact information to our Facebook page or website and other public venues.  

Poster Request Form

The information you provide below will be used to create your flyers.

Please review carefully for accuracy.

Provide contact info that people will use to contact you if they find your missing pet or have any other information.  Provide the phone number (s) you want on the flyer.

If you wish assistance with recovering your missing pet, you must contact me.  You can call 860 404-0038 or email fvlostpets@comcast.net