A missing pet is an emergency and you to need to act quickly.  Time is of the essence.


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A disturbing trend has been witnessed in Connecticut.  Two major Facebook Groups consistently block owners from  information about national resources (listed here), block exerienced people from helping, and create Closed Facebook groups for missing dogs.  A Closed Facebook group is detrimental to the search for your missing dog.

The ability to create a great looking web site, business cards or Facebook page (with lots of members) is not necessarily an indication of knowledge, expertise, or experience.


A large number of Faecbook members is not indicative of actual people working to find your dog.  In recent missing dog cases, each page had over 300 members. Yet except for the immediate family of both dogs, less than 6 people actually came out to put up posters and hand out flyers. Therefore, a large following on Facebook is not an indication that 300 people are out there looking and putting up posters. Many are helping get the word out via the media and Facebook which is valuable help, but remember it doesn’t mean you have 300 people searching.

Beware of scams – someone may contact you and say they can find your missing dog for a fee or donation and they may make a guarantee. You might be asked to pay up front only to find that you have been scammed. Be aware, check out businesses such as pet trackers/detectives that may come forward to help you. Before you pay someone/business to help, verify their credentials; get proof of their liability insurance and proof that their business is registered in State of CT to do business here. Sadly there are people out there who will take advantage of you. Just be careful.

Beware of groups who close the Facebook page for your missing dog and dictate who can post and what suggestions you are allowed to see. Beware of Facebook groups who tell you they will NOT help you if a person they dislike IS helping you. This has happened more than once and it is ethically wrong.  Some groups that “handle” searches have deleted postings that suggest contacting the resources listed here.  

Beware of anyone who guarantees they will find your dog.  No one can or should make such a guarantee.